Who We Are

The congregation was organized on November 10, 1889, with 21 members. The first church facility was at Speer and Logan, in 1909. After meeting there for 40 years, the congregation decided to sell it to the Catholic Church and to build the present facility at 480 Marion Street. The congregation moved to this location during April of 1949.

During our history a number of congregations have been established in other parts of Metro Denver. In 1968, the congregation which had been part of Eastern Colorado District became part of Denver Stake with the office at 9501 Lou Drive, Denver CO 80260. In June of 2003, the congregation became part of the Rocky Mountain USA Mission Center, composed of 31 congregations, with the office at 9501 Lou Drive.

Sacramental Ordinances
There are eight sacramental ordinances in the church. These are special rites designed to enhance the participant’s personal relationship with God and empower their personal discipleship role.

The sacraments of Communion, Blessing of Children, Administration to the Sick, Marriage, and Evangelist Blessing are open to all those desiring to participate. The sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are for those desiring to become members of the church and the sacrament of Ordination is for men and women who have accepted the call to be ordained ministers in the church.

Ordained Ministers
There are various offices of ministry in the church. This includes the office of Member, Deacon, Teacher, Priest, Elder, and High Priest. The office of Member is an aspect of basic membership. In the office of Elder there are those set apart as Seventies. In the office of High Priest there are those set apart to be Evangelists, Apostles and Bishops. From among the various offices some are set apart as Pastors and other Administrative offices.

All are called to fulfill their discipleship through service in their respective roles which is an ever evolving dimension of ministry, bringing joy and peace to the individual and the ones served.

Rocky Mountain Mission Center
The congregation is one of 31 congregations which make up the Rocky Mountain Mission Center.
The Mission Center Address is
9501 Lou Drive
Denver CO 80260-5499,
Phone: 303 426-5900

International Headquarters
The International Headquarters for the Community of Christ is in Independence, Missouri.

The address is
1001 West Walnut,
Independence MO 64050-3562

Temple of the Community of Christ

The Temple in Independence MO is dedicated to "The Pursuit of Peace.  It shall be for reconciliation, and for healing of the spirit. It shall also be for a strengthening of faith and preparation for witness. By its ministries an attitude of wholeness of body, mind, and spirit as a desirable end toward which to strive will be fostered..." DC 156: 5

It contains a large sanctuary, small chapel, classrooms, theaters, library, offices and an outlet for Herald House publications. It serves as the headquarters for the leadership of the Community of Christ which has members in more than fifty countries.

Its ministries are six-fold: Worship Center, Peace Center, Abundant Life Center, Missionary Center, and Education Center. Various interfaith activities are conducted at the Temple.

Questions about the various ministries and purposes of the Temple may be directed to the Denver Congregation or to the World Church International Headquarters in Independence, Missouri.  

Email:  info@denvercommunityofchrist.org