2019 Worship Schedule

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April 28, 2019—John 20:19-31—Believe the Good News
Second Sunday of Easter
Presiding – Rick Argotsinger; Sermon – Steve Holloway


May 5, 2019—John 21:1-19—Put Love into Action
Third Sunday of Easter
Presiding – Steve Holloway; Sermon – Dave Cook
May 12, 2019—John 10:22-30—Hear the Shepherd’s Voice
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Presiding – Ron Argotsinger; Sermon – Susanne Holloway
May 19, 2019—John 13:31-35—All-encompassing Love
Fifth Sunday of Easter
Presiding – Elvin Mauzey; Sermon – Nancy Moore
May 26, 2019—John 14:23-29—Listen for the Holy Spirit
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Presiding – Monica Argotsinger; Sermon – Rick Argotsinger


June 2, 2019—Luke 24:44-53/24:43-52 IV—Sent with Good News
Seventh Sunday of Easter, Ascension of the Lord (A, B, C)
Presiding – Rick Argotsinger; Sermon – Steve Holloway
June 9, 2019—Acts 2:1-21, John 14:8-17, 25-27—Receive the Holy Spirit
Day of Pentecost/Endowment Sunday (A, B, C)
Presiding – Susanne Holloway; Sermon – Dave Cook
June 16, 2019—John 16:12-15—Guide Us
First Sunday after Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Ordinary Tim
Presiding – Ron Argotsinger; Sermon – Monica Argotsinger
June 23, 2019—Luke 8:26-39/ 8:26-40 IV—Declare What Jesus Has Done
Ordinary Time (Proper 7)
Presiding – Lois Gould; Sermon – Rick Argotsinger
June 30, 2019—Luke 9:51-62—Follow without Hesitation
Ordinary Time (Proper 8)
Presiding – Monica Argotsinger; Sermon – Lois Gould


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