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We welcome those desiring to be on the path of the disciple.  It may be a road less traveled but, nevertheless, a road in which we are not alone.  One of our favorite songs for worship is “Companions on the Journey” by Carey Landry.  We are reminded that it is our belief in the love of God that binds us together on our journey and we are never strangers in God’s house.  




Through our worship we have opportunity to give voice to our desire to walk humbly with our God and we join together as seekers and believers to give praise and honor to our Lord and Savior.  If you are unable to worship with us, it is our hope that this will be a valuable resource for you in your personal journey of faith.

In our worship, we have opportunities to express our faith in many different ways and one of the most significant aspects of our worship occurs on the first Sunday of every month.  At the beginning of every month we celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. 
We offer the Lord's Supper to any who choose to partake of it in accordance with their own faith and practice.

The tradition of the Community of Christ is to understand the Lord's Supper as a sacrament in which we remember the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and renew the covenant we made at the waters of baptism. Others who share with us may have different understandings and practices within their own faith and tradition. We invite all who participate to do so as an expression of the faithful unity and love exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ in whose name we worship.

Prayer for Peace

The Prayer for Peace is another opportunity for personal reflection and meditation.  At the Temple in Independence, Missouri there is a special worship service every day to give prayerful attention to the needs of selected countries throughout the world.  Following this link will provide more information and the complete worship service for each day of the year.

Map/Directions to Denver Congregation
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